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Dead Stop
The Memory of Butterflies
Magnolia Nights
The Seed Woman
When You Come Home
Southern Gentleman
Somewhere a Rainbow
Call of the Mountain
The Edge of Tidal Pools
Dead Cold
Map of the Heart
In the Midst of Winter
Deadly Intent
Beneath the Trees
The Art of Hiding
The Space Between Words
The Memory of Butterflies
Chickadee Chickadee Bang Bang
Love Big, Be Well: Letters to a Small-Town Church

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Helen Phifer LAST LIGHT Thriller with Detective Lucy Harwin

Last Light (A Detective Lucy Harwin Novel) by author Helen Phifer Is the first book I have read by this author and it won't be the last. The plot has good characters, suspense, and Detective Lucy Harwin makes me want to cheer for her! In Last Light, Lucy has a strange case of serial murders in which the victims are connected to the church and this will add some eerily posed crime scenes.  Oh Wow, poor Lucy gets attacked in one scene which made my head hurt just reading about the beating!
Now I'm going to look for the previous two Detective Lucy Harwin novels.
Publication Date November 16, 2018

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"Faith and the Innocents"

Publication Week-The Little Shop of Found Things Paula Brackston

Publication Week for a favorite book 

The Little Shop of Found Things by author Paula Brackston will be appreciated by fans of time travel, suspense. and romance. Xanthe and her mother Flora have moved from London to the small historic town of Marlborough to open a shop to sell antiques and collectibles. Sometimes the items Xanthe sees or touches leads her down paths of mystery. She has had the gift of psychometry since she was a child. Her mother Flora understands this ability and encourages Xanthe to release the mystery of an object and then they are free to sell the object for a profit in the shop.
Flora has an arthritis condition which is debilitating and painful. Her ex-husband has protested the terms of their divorce agreement in respect to the division of joint accounts, which leaves Flora and Xanthe in dire need of money.
During a buying trip for the shop, Xanthe is drawn to a silver chatelaine which is coming up for auction. She feels a sadness and spirit of desperation within the piece very strongly. She must acquire the chatelaine and solve the mystery which leads her to bid a high amount for the piece. Once she has won the piece and cleaned the silver he feels an urgency to follow the leading of the energy which will take her places she could never have dreamed.  Xanthe learns the property Flora purchased for their shop has a small outbuilding which has a convergence point within the ley-lines. When Xanthe falls within this area while holding the chatelaine she is transported back in time!
The story is written with wonderful characters and a very interesting plot.

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"Convergence of Ley-Lines"

Caroline Bertaud 24 Hours of the Phoenix Suspense Mystery

24 Hours of the Phoenix by author Caroline Bertaud is an intriguing story which will hook readers who enjoy suspense and twists in the plot of a good book. This is a debut novel for writer Caroline Bertaud and she has written an amazing book.  Phoenix Collins is twenty-one years old and as she wakes up in a hospital bed she overhears a doctor telling a colleague that she has about 24 hours to live.  Phoenix is in pain, with a huge scar across her middle, and is having trouble recalling exactly what has happened to her.
As I read some scenes I was thinking, "Wow, this is Strange"! The story will take the reader on a fast-paced mystery which could lead to murder.  I found that much of the tenderness and true love is revealed in the last couple of chapters.   Love the cover graphics!
Publication Date: November 3, 2018


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A Southern Moment

J.T. Ellison A Thousand Doors Life Choices and Options!

A Thousand Doors: An Anthology of Many Lives author J. T. Ellison along with contributing authors. The story is about Mia Jensen as she is dying from a stabbing by her estranged husband. Her mind is drifting and she thinks of opportunities or experiences she could have taken which could have changed the course of her life. 
My honest opinion: I admire these writers, the idea of this book is wonderful, I enjoyed 'READING' the book...But, some of the options of the choices are very dark and sad. Overall the book is great, but it did leave me feeling sad. Life is sacred and fleeting. It should always be valued to the very utmost when we make choices and the writers all give a differing point of view for Mia!
My sad feelings could be because my mother has died within the past two weeks and maybe that feeling of lost opportunities my very talented mother could have had was always in the back of my mind as I read this book.
Publication Date: November 5, 2018


"Remembering the Possibilities" 

Kendra Elliot CLOSE to the BONE Melinda Leigh Murder Mystery New Series

Close to the Bone by author Kendra Elliot is the beginning of a new detective series. When I got to the end of the book I noticed this project is by Kendra Elliot AND  Melinda Leigh, YAY, two reasons I will look forward to more in the series! FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde is recovering from a gunshot wound and has come back to a family home on Widows Island. She has happy and sad memories here and now finds herself included in a search for answers as bones are discovered buried on the island. There have been several disappearances in this area in the past years, and Cate is wondering if these bones will prove to be those of a childhood friend, Samantha who went missing twenty years ago. Cate is joined in this mystery by a friend, Tessa Black who is now a deputy with the police department. 
A promising new series!
Publication Date: October 23, 2018


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Clare Chase Death on the River Tara Thorpe mystery 2

Death on the River is the second in the Tara Thorpe Mystery Series by author Clare Chase. I really like the character of Tara Thorpe who lives to herself on the outer commons of Cambridge. She was an investigative journalist but after her involvement in helping to solve a murder in her community, she decided to study for a career in police investigations. Tara is very competent and willing to go beyond her comfort zone to find hidden answers.  She is approached by the sister of Ralph Shawcross, an author with very disconcerting views on life and death. shawcross was killed when he drove his car off the road and into a watery ravine. Was it an accident or a cleverly planned murder? Soon more questions arise as Tara seeks additional information from the author's acolytes and followers.  Tara must prove herself a worthy investigator even when she has opposition within her own office. I did find the reason for Ralphs accident a bit "Out-There'. Who would have thought to do that?

Publication Date October 17, 2018


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"Life is an Adventure"

Steve Jackson Tom McCallum Saving Annie True Crime Rhonda Casto

Saving Annie by authors Steve Jackson with Tom McCallum is written in several parts about the true accounting of the death of Rhonda Casto from a fall while hiking in Oregon with her boyfriend Stephen Nichols. This is a heartbreaking tragedy and even if Stephen Nichols did not mean to push Rhonda over the cliff, his actions of seduction and statutory rape of Rhonda's sister makes me detest him. According to the author's information about Nichols, he obviously had criminal motives. Also, the insurance agent was negligent and made some major mistakes when pushing for approval of the 1.4 million dollar policy on Rhonda's life!
This first installment is about the fall and immediate interviews by police. This part is short and some of the information is repeated. It is written well and had me so interested in the story, until after I read Part One: The Fall I looked up all the information I could find online about this case. That is the reason I would caution the authors about dividing a true crime story into separate books. Once I followed all of the links and 48-hour news accounts, I didn't feel the need to read the following books by this author.  I'm sorry, but that is an honest observation. If possible, consider publishing as a complete book in order to preserve your writing and following.
The book cover is beautiful!
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"Tears of Three Sisters"

Kerry Wilkinson Eye for An Eye Jessica Daniels Suspense and Emotional

Eye for an Eye, Jessica Daniels #12, by author Kerry Wilkinson is another very good and anticipated addition to this series. Oh WOW! The books get better and better with good characters, believable plots, and suspense. The reader also feels the internal upheaval of Jessica's private life in regard to Adam. Oh My Heart, that was sad!
In this book, there are several things going on in Jessica's life and making sure a recently released criminal is not leaving bodies for her to find is the top priority. Administrative politics is ever a challenge to negotiate when Daniels and Topper are told to watch the movements and dig into the history of Damien Walker without appearing to be investigating. Yes, more double-talk to cover someone else's career and to also solve the mystery of who is killing these women in a close MO as Walker.
Eye for an Eye is a very good choice for readers who enjoy a strong female character, life-like situations, and suspense!
Publication Date: November 7, 2018


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"Life in Seasons"

Lisa Jewell WATCHING YOU A Mystery with a Twist!

Watching You by author Lisa Jewell is an intriguing story with a cast of characters which will keep the reader guessing about their motives. Joey and her new husband move in with her brother and his wife while they try to find jobs. Her brother is a doctor and his pregnant wife is a business analyst.
Joey becomes infatuated with the neighbor two doors down, Tom Fitzwilliams, the head teacher at the school. It is a major crush and she knows this is very wrong. She visits her mothers grave and talks about how disappointed she is in her choices.
Meanwhile, other families in this village are living their busy lives within their homes. We get versions of several lives and they all interact with each other on the fringes of the village. The spooky thing about this story, there is not one, but two characters who are obsessed with watching the others.
I enjoyed reading Jenna's character, one of the students in the neighborhood. Her best friend gives her cause for great concern. It seems she is crushing on neighbor Tom Fitzwilliams also! And Freddie...Just gotta love Freddie!
You know there has been a crime because the interviews with police are interspersed among the chapters which tell the story of what has happened and why. I really enjoyed this book!
Publication Date: December 26, 2018

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"A Season of Beauty"

Emerald O'Brien The Girls Across the Bay Knox and Sheppard Mystery Series Sisters

The Girls Across the Bay by author Emerald O'Brien is written with a wonderful insight into foster sisters who truly bonded during their childhoods. Madigan Knox and Grace Sheppard became sisters through love and caring for each other while growing up in a foster home where the father figure was abusive. Evette, the mother was passive and allowed the children to be bullied and abused by the scheming father. They were later separated and placed in other homes, but they remained Sisters in their hearts.
Now they are adults each with her own problems in their careers and personal lives. Together can they find answers when a link to their past is connected to a murder in their community? I am looking forward to reading more in the Knox and Sheppard series!


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