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Monday, December 10, 2018

Susan Mallory California Girls Sister and Life Changing Events Romance

California Girls by author Susan Mallory is another wondery story about three sisters who are all experiencing a very dramatic event in their lives. Each of the three girls are dumped by the men in their lives on the same week. Finola is the very popular host of an LA TV show, and thirty minuts before she goes live, her husband pops in her office to tell her he is leaving her. They are scheduled to leave the next day for a week in Hawaii. She is shocked!
Zennie is an OR nurse who loves her job, surfing and running with her best friends. Her boyfriend Clark decides they should take a break. Zennie is not really disturbed too much, so she decides she must not have loved him. She impulsively decides to do an astounding thing for her very best friend, become a surrogate and carry her baby. This decision causes unexpected problems for Zennie.
The youngest sister Ali, is getting ready for her wedding day to Glen. It is two weeks away and the final fitting for her dress has been checked off her list. Ali has an unexpected visit from Daniel, Glen's brother, He brings news that Glen wants to break the engagment but does not have the courage or integrity to tell Ali himself. Daniel did not want tosee Ali standing at the altar alone. Oh my!
Each of the girls must deal with some extremely important life changing events. Their parents are not any source of support or comfort. Finola seems to be very caught-up in her own life and is selfish. Zennie and Ali were close until the sisters learn of Zennie's pregnancy, and they all berate her for her decision. Ali has learned the hard way to keep some secrets about her life from her sisters. As each sister faces their problems and learn some important truths about their core strengths and faults, maybe the relationship between the three of them will make a change.
Publication date February 26, 2019

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"Summer Beauty"

Friday, December 7, 2018

Addison Cole Melissa Foster The Corner of Heartbreak and Forever Romance

The Corner of Heartbreak and Forever by Addison Cole (Melissa Foster) is a very sweet romance with all the bittersweet memories of coming back home to the country. The Montgomery family welcomes Grace back home for three weeks as she plans to teach a screenplay writing class for her sister. I enjoyed reading the interactions of the sisters and their shenanigans! The love story of Grace and Reed is very sweet. I could see this as a Hallmark movie. Enjoy!
Publication Date: February 13, 2019


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"As Sweet as Spring"

Julie Howard Crime and Paradise WILD CRIME #1 Murder in a Snowy Paradise

Crime and Paradise by Julie Howard has a suspense and hint of romance. This is book one of a new series.  Meredith is a very young mother with two small children. Her husband, Brian is away for weeks at a time for his job. Meredith is very passive in this relationship, and rarely speaks up with any opposition to Brians control of the money and decisions. One day he tells her they are moving from California to a northern state. He is very abrupt and refuses to give Meredeth any details. He drives them for hours straight with very few rest stops until they reach Hay City, Idaho. During the miserable trip, Meredith begins to feel resentment about how selfish and forceful he is being to her recently. As she cares for the restless children she passes some of the time playing a what-if game in her mind such as: what if he were to die, be in an accident, or how could I kill him? The house he takes them to live is decrepit, nasty, and needs repairs. The landscape is a frozen snowy wilderness which has Meredith isolated. The reader will get the backstory for Meredith with her thoughts as she remembers her alcoholic mother, moving from shelter to shelter, and the sad childhood she had experienced. Meredith has headaches and takes her husbands prescription at night which is beginning to cause vivid, scary dreams. Secrets are uncovered in the house which give Meredith cause for more concern and she wants to take the children and leave. Murder strikes before she can make her escape! Did she do it?!


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"Lonesome Prairie" 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Megan Goldin The Escape Room Wall Street Greed, Murder, and Revenge


The Escape Room by author Megan Goldin is a story of power, greed, murder, and revenge within a group of selfabsorbed wall street brokers. Vincent, Jules, Sylvie and Sam become trapped in an elevator escape room when they meet one morning for an exclusive and compulsary meeting from HR. Secrets of their past began to pour out as they try to survive the changes of temperature such as extreme heat and cold added with dehydration. You will also read about two other employees of the Stanhope firm, Sara Hall and Lucy Marshall. Overall the plot of the story is very good, but the main characters are so unlikeable until reading their narratives was a bit boring. I had no compassion for anyone in the book except Lucy. Sara was smart, but the ending was all tied up just too neat and condensed.

Publication Date August 6, 2019


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"Cypress Wetlands"

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jayne Ann Krentz Untouchable Cutler, Sutter, & Salinas #3 Firey Suspense

Untouchable by author Jayne Ann Krentz, (Cutler, Sutter, & Salinas #3) is an interesting suspense thriller with a return of Jack Lancaster. Jack is a consultant to the FBI and is being drawn back into the firey darkness of hunting Quinton Zane, again! He suspected that Zane would have found a way to escape the burning boat and reinvent himself with a new name. I really enjoyed the Winter Meadows aspect of this story and her childhood history with Alice. I like Winter and her special gift of being a hynotist as she helps Jack work through the darkness of this case in Untouchable. The story is fast-paced as Jack and Winter have a couple of very narrow escapes. Oh, and I love the gift of the red sofa!

Publication Date:January 8, 2019
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"Across The Island"

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nancy Mehl Mind Games Kaely Quinn Profiler Series

.Mind Games by author Nancy Mehl is one of the best suspense thrillers I have read this year! I am looking forward to more in this series. The FBI profiler Kaely Quinn is a wonderful character who has a special gift in being able to connect with the unsub in order to understand more about his/her motives. This ability has caused problems with her peers and fellow agents. Kaely also has other reasons for going so deep into profiling the killers due to her family history, her father was a serial killer! I love the character being a person of faith. This is hard to find in really well-written suspense thrillers and I am so happy Nancy Mehl offers a smart and strong character who also has some fragile traits which make her more believable. I won't post spoilers, but if you like reading fast-paced thrillers without objectionable language you will want to read Mind Games and follow this series!
Publication Date: December 4, 2018


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"Looking for the Light"

Monday, November 26, 2018

Vivika Hansen DeNegre editor for The Quilting Arts Idea Book: Inspiration & Techniques for Art Quilting

The Quilting Arts Idea Book: Inspiration & Techniques for Art Quilting by Editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre is a delightful and colorful book with instructions and examples of many forms of small art quilting projects. The beautiful techniques include fabric dye, paints, stitch embellishments, and transfers.
The instructions give complete instructions for marbling with stencils, stamps, and spray using a mixture of paints and alum or glue. There are examples of ancient Shibori, tie-dye, and free form flat dyeing using sun reactive paints. I liked the ideas with using the tea for fabrics and the little Tea Bag Tales. I love the Mixed Media Birthday Book and the Fabric Fragment Book. The use of metal leaf, foils, and metallic paints is also explained. Many of the projects are embellished with hand stitching, threads, and ribbons. As you are inspired by your sketchbook, you can be creative in making an art quilt project. The 3-D fabric village houses are so cute! The Little Bird Treasures are a sweet project to use in making ornaments. The book also encourages collaborations with friends and for group painting parties. If you make a mistake, embrace it and make it work for a different or extra project. Have fun and enjoy!


Art Images by Diane Lochala-All Rights Reserved

Miss Kitty Art Quilt

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Melinda Leigh Secrets Never Die Morgan Dane Mystery #5 Murder and Suspense

Secrets Never Die by author Melinda Leigh is another Morgan Dane thriller not to be missed!  Morgan and Lance are called in the middle of the night to come to the home of a friend, Tina. She came in from her shift in the early hours and found her husband Paul dead and her teenage son Evan missing. Lance had worked with the troubled Evan and wants to find him quickly. The sheriff has suspicions that Evan could have been the shooter, but Lance knows the most likely scenario is that Evan is running for his life! I won't post spoilers, but once you start reading you will not want to stop until all the secrets have come to light.
This is a series with wonderful characters and always a believable plot. Although this is a series which follows the changes in Morgans life, each book can be read as a single stand-alone story.
Publication Date March 19, 2019


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"The Falls"

Traci Hunter Abramson PROXIMITY Stalker Suspense!

Proximity by Traci HunterAbramson is another sweet suspense thriller which kept me turning pages. I had to finish within hours of starting the book. Tia Parker meets Evan  Spence at her friend's wedding. and they seem to be an unlikely match. Tia lives in Cottonwood, a community close to Sedona, AZ and Evan lives in Detroit, MI but travels a lot for his company. They enjoy their time together and texting when Even has to leave Arizona. Evan's phone is damaged during his flight home and he is off for Paris within hours due to an emergency with his job before being able to contact Tia. Weeks go by and Tia does not hear from Evan, so she decides he is a flake and she moves along with her busy life. A new policeman moves to town and is attracted to Tia. Colby Farren has transferred from Alaska due to job cuts and finds life in Arizona to be very different. If he can gain the trust and attention of Tia, then all will be right in his world. The problems have just begun for Tia. I won't post spoilers, but the romance between Tia and Evan is wonderful, but the stalking of Tia by Colby is shattering!


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"One Perfect Rose"

Friday, November 23, 2018

Lisa Liekam Captured by the Holy Spirit Signs of Faith Affirmations of the Spirit

Captured by the Holy Spirit by author Lisa Leikam is a memoir of how she coped with the death of her brother Lenny and continued to look for signs or affirmations of God's grace. Lenny had committed suicide and the author was concerned about the journey of his soul after a suicide. Lisa and her family are Catholic and she asked God for a sign for assurance that her brother was in peace. As she continues looking for signs from God or angel numbers, her faith is increased and her desire to know and understand more about the Holy Spirit blossoms.
She refers to using the study of Chakras for balance and healing. I do not remember her saying she has a regimen for a time of prayer and study of the Holy Scriptures. Overall the book encourages people to look for affirmations and to acknowledge everyday signs as messages from God or the Holy Spirit.


Art Images by Diane Lochala_All Rights Reserved
"Little Messengers"

Cheryl Bradshaw Blackthorn Manor Haunting Addison Lockhart #3 Murder and Mayhem

Blackthorn Manor Haunting by Cheryl Bradshaw is the third book in the Addison Lockhart series. Addison has a special gift, she can sense unsettled spirits who need to resolve a traumatic event before they can go on to peace. This book opens on a very special day for Addison, her wedding day! As she looks out the second floor window she sees a woman wearing black walking along in front of the old mansion. Addison leans out the window to get a better look and before she knows what has happened, she has been pushed out the window. She wakes up on the porch below the window with no scratches or bruises. There are some secrets in this old mansion which needs to be told. I don't want to post spoilers, but if you are a fan of the Addison Lockhart series, you do not want to miss this book. There are a couple of events in this story which will change the series for Addison!


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"A Full Moon Reflection"

Robin Jones Gunn Becoming Us Beautiful story of Friendship and Family

Becoming Us by author Robin Jones Gunn is a beautifully written story of family, love, friendship, and finding peace! A young family, Emily, Trevor, and their daughter Audra have recently moved to California from their family and home in Ashville, NC. Emily is dealing with serious losses and is trying to pull herself together amidst the changes in their lives. Emily hesitantly attends a small party given by Jennalyn, a woman she met while shopping. The theme of the small Christmas party is Favorite Things, and as each of the five women gathered explain the reason for the gifts, their faith begins to shine through. This is the beginning of a friendship between the women which will help to encourage Emily through her fears and disappointments. I don't want to post spoilers, but it is such a wonderful story which will be a blessing to any woman who has been through a time of loss and feeling insecure about her future. If you have read any of the other books by this author, you may find yourself feeling as if you are having a cozy visit with old friends. I loved this book! I also have read all of the Sisterchicks books twice, they are AWESOME!
Publication Date: May 7, 2019

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"A Cup of Kindness"

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Valerie Keogh Secrets Between Us Identical Sisters living Separate Lives, Murder, Lies and Deceit

Secrets Between Us by author Valerie Keogh is a mystery mainly about a set of identical twin sisters. Ellie and Tia are very different in their personalities and intelligence. Ellie is married to Will and thrives in her high powered busy job. She is happy with life as it is, but Will wants a child. Tia has a learning disability and has lived in a sheltered home community since the death of her parents. She looks forward to a letter from her sister each week. When Ellie receives a notice that the home is closing and Tia will need a new home, life becomes complicated. This increases the conflicts within the home of Ellie and Will and causes resentment between Ellie and Tia.
I did not really like any of the characters, each of them had selfish agendas for their lies and deceit. The plot of the book is very interesting. Even though Ellie has everything a woman could want, she is very jealous of any attention Tia receives.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Kerry Wilkinson Something Hidden Andrew Hunter PI Murder Mystery with Layers

Something Hidden (Andrew Hunter Book2) by author Kerry Wilkinson is another layered mystery with Andrew Hunter as the PI searching for answers. Winter and Valentines Day are not his favorite times of the year! Andrew has met a young woman named Fiona Methodist and she is asking for help. The beginning of the story is set sixteen months prior and finds a young couple looking in the glass cases of a privately owned jewelry store for a modest engagement ring. Minutes later they are on the floor and witnessing a robbery. Days later that same couple is gunned down and killed as they cross the courtyard at the university. The shooter then turns the gun on himself and dies beside the students.  His name is Luke Methodist.  Now as we forward to the present, Fiona is desperate to clear her father's name if possible. She has lost her job and home due to the publicity about her father being the shooter. No one wants to be associated with her so she has changed her name. Andrew and his office assistant Jenny listen in shock and determine to find any answers to help Fiona come to terms with the death of her father and the shooting.
Before Andrew and Jenny can help Fiona, they are called to find a couple of Bengal cats which have been stolen from their distraught owner. Sometimes the author adds some humor into the scenes and this case has a few laughs. I love how Jenny really is more active in this book. She takes on tough street guys when trying to bargain a price for a cat. Later she attacks a tough bodyguard and declares " I'm Not A psycho!" There is more to learn about Jenny, I think.  Also, the scene when Andrew tells Keira the truth about their break-up...Oh, that is sad! So stay tuned for more from these characters in the Andrew Hunter Series!
Publication Date: December 10, 2018


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"Soulfull Eyes!"

Vikki Patis The Diary A Powerful Story of Teen Secrets and Trauma

The Diary by author Vikki Patis hooked me and kept me reading without stopping!. Lauren comes back to her childhood home for the ten year memorial for her 'sister/best friend, Hannah. Terrible events have happened in Hitchin to Lauren and Hannah during their young years and continued on through school. The main theme of the story has bullying as the core, but it is also much more intense than the conflicts among school friends. After Hannah commits suicide, Lauren fell apart and struggled to come back to the reality of life without Hannah. The mystery part of the story is interesting. It seems Hannah is haunting and sending threatening messages to the five girls within the group of broken friends. Lauren knows it can not possibly be Hannah, but who knew the deepest and darkest secret for each of the girls? I enjoyed the book very much, but it is sad as you learn the secret terror of each girl. Also, I really appreciated how Lauren learns that acceptance and forgiveness is the key to getting on with life, even when you have experienced a traumatic event in your past. Now, there are questions I still have regarding some of the things about Hannah. Overall it is very good reading, with a mystery, and a trip back into the lives of complex friends. Some of the scenes broke my heart, which means the author was very successful in conveying such emotions through the written word.
Publication Date: November 26, 2018


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"Beauty in the Garden"

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Kendra Elliot A Merciful Fate Mercy Kilpatrick Fast-Paced Action Series

A Merciful Fate by author Kendra Elliot is the fifth book of the Mercy Kilpatrick series and is another suspenseful page-turner! I have enjoyed this series and A Merciful Fate does not disappoint with several emotionally charged scenes. Detective Mercy Kilpatrick has a mystery to solve when Ollie finds old bones in an abandoned cabin. The body is believed to be one of the men from a thirty year ago armored car robbery known as the Gamble-Helmet Heist. As the investigation heats up, there are other problems in the small town of Eagles Nest, vandalism at Sandy's B&B and also at Bree's stables. Is there a link in the targets of the vandalism and the thirty year old robbery and murder case? I don't want to post spoilers, but the action is fast-paced between violent scenes for several of the characters. How do they all connect? Oh no, poor Kaylie!!  You have to read the book!
Publication Date; January 15, 2019


Art Images by Diane Lochala-All Rights Reserved

"Nesting Season"